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According to hundreds of thousands of job openings from Linkedin, creativity is the number one sought after soft skill. Click here to see the article. 


Studies have shown one major catalyst behind creativity is laughter. Why? 


1.  Laughter makes it easier to come up with creative solutions to problems since ideas are more easily and freely thought of during humorous improv workshops.


2.  An MIT study found that improv games could be adapted to help with product ideas by a whopping 37%.  Ref:

3.  Humor uses both sides of the brain which helps release anxiety and increase learning capabilities; a cornerstone of creativity.  Click here to see the study.

Using the right side of the brain for leadership, creativity, and humor

Paul and Kelly teach people how to actively listen to everyone's voice, not just the dominant ones. They show companies how to come up with divergent and imaginative ideas in a fun way that nurtures the right side of the brain.

This course consists of four 2-hour sessions (over the course of a year) and is designed to get the humor and creative process rolling from the moment the participants come in the door.  From an initial ice-breaker game that truly works and isn't awkward or overused, Beta Test improv gets the room talking and motivated from the outset.

And since this program occurs over an extended period of time, it allows us to give "homework" assignments to help nurture right brain thinking and master the creative process.

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