Paul strongly believes in nurturing the right side of the brain to help with spontaneous ideas, develop a deep trust in your colleagues, and bond in a fun way that benefits the corporate culture.  By strengthening the neural connections through business improvisation, one’s dreams and eureka moments are enhanced, helping with innovation, creativity, and divergent thinking.  Paul's interactive keynote achieves these goals in a hilarious and thought-provoking way.


The keynote is totally customizable but usually includes:


  • The importance of being able to share ideas without getting shot down or feeling like your idea doesn't have much merit.  We do this by employing the improv philosophy of “YES and”.


  • Teaching active listening skills to help everyone really understand each other and respond in a genuine manner.


  • Helping people gain self-confidence and enhance their communication and presentation skills.


  • A demonstration to cultivate creativity and help everyone think outside the box more easily.

Keynote Presentation 


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