Why is your company called Beta Test improv

Because as humans, none of us are completely “done”. We’re going to make mistakes. We're a work in progress.

But with Beta Test improv training all of us can identify our personal “bugs” and learn to improve quick-thinking skills, empathy, active listening, diversity, and humor. And eventually, be re-released into the general population!

Business Testimonials


"The session was the best 1 hour workplace breakout-style training session I’ve ever experienced".

                    - Jason Hassing  

                    Manager IT,Compass Group​​

"Today’s session was great.  Some words people used to describe it were: awesome, electric, motivational, therapeutic, innovative, and creative".

                                  -   Rich Robles

      Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion

      Novant Health



Paul's workshops teach quick-thinking skills, humor, creativity, empathy, and body language by nurturing the right side of the brain using science and a creative form of business improvisation.

His interactive speech is peppered with right-brain exercises to help folks with team building and leadership skills. The thought-provoking and refreshingly candid speech connect people in a more honest and positive way.

      “Naturally caffeinated.”  

-The Charlotte Observer

Beta Test improv's most popular video:  When childhood habits become part of a boardroom meeting 

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