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Here's an oddity:

Paul and Kelly own a private SAT/ACT prep business and teach the college entrance exam

by day!!  www.briarcliffhall.com

Business Testimonials

"Paul's workshop had more laughter than at any function in our 35 year history".

               - University Eye Care


"The session was the best 1 hour workplace breakout-style training session I’ve ever experienced".

        - Jason Hassing  

           Manager IT,Compass Group​

"We are still talking about your program a year later".

     - Jody Christenson,                      

       Program Coordinator, Wells Fargo

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Beta Test improv proudly announces its online Team Building and Leadership workshop using ZOOM.  Call for details  704-618-4203

Kelly speaking to an audience standing at a podium
Team Building and Leadership Development

“Naturally caffeinated.”  -The Charlotte Observer

Paul and Kelly teach Team Building and Leadership Development skills by nurturing the right side of the brain through a distinctive and hilarious form of improvisation.

Through the use of an interactive speech peppered with right brain exercises, the group becomes a more cohesive team. The thought provoking exercises and refreshingly candid speech connect people in a way that is hard to achieve with a ropes course or a trust exercise.

Beta Test improv's most popular video:

When childhood habits become part of a boardroom meeting 

Keynote Presentations ​

“The best speech I have heard in the last 8 years”  -Emily, HOBY SC

Paul's refreshingly casual style incorporates fun exercises and important historical insights into the presentation to develop camaraderie, humor, and spontaneous thinking in a way that is honest and inspirational.​

Through instant demonstrations, Paul teaches everyone how to use the right side of the brain to strengthen neural connections to help with quick thinking skills, active listening, and the ability to read body language. 

Our Clients

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