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In addition to speeches, Paul and his wife, Kelly, own a private SAT school for college-bound students taking the entrance exam for college.

They have been fortunate to teach thousands of students over the past thirty years.  Click the link to go to their SAT website.

Business Testimonials


"The session was the best 1 hour workplace breakout-style training session I’ve ever experienced".

                    - Jason Hassing  

                    Manager IT,Compass Group​​

"Today’s session was great.  Some words people used to describe it were: awesome, electric, motivational, therapeutic, innovative, and creative".

                                  -   Rich Robles

      Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion

      Novant Health


Paul's workshops teach quick-thinking skills, humor, creativity, empathy, and body language by nurturing the right side of the brain using science and a creative form of business improvisation.

His interactive speech is peppered with right-brain exercises to help folks with team building and leadership skills. The thought-provoking and refreshingly candid speech connect people in a more honest and positive way.

      “Naturally caffeinated.”  

-The Charlotte Observer

Beta Test improv's most popular video:  When childhood habits become part of a boardroom meeting 

Click HERE if you want to take an improv class or see a show

Our Clients

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