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Leadership Development Workshop

3 business people with their faces and bodies as shadows and each one is holding a toy.  The caption reads:   Whatever happened to recess?

Whether your interest is in strengthening communication skills, enhancing empathy, adding humor into your style, or a multitude of other nuances within the scope of leadership, Beta Test can help on both a professional and personal level.

In addition, the workshop delves slightly into the science behind the exercises to help elucidate why each one is being done and how it will help enhance an individual's leadership skills.

Areas of potential growth

  • Make genuine connections and build rapport with colleagues and the teams you lead

  • Enhance quick thinking skills

  • Learn to pivot in the moment and make clear and confident decisions seamlessly

  • Read body language and adjust your meeting accordingly

  • Learn to present with confidence and passion

  • Add humor to your meeting to make it memorable

  • Become a great storyteller

  • Improve active listening skills

"Paul is an exceptional trainer who conducts sessions with teams on how FUN can unlock a create culture and team effectiveness. I experienced it first hand at Krispy and he was brilliant!"     

-Niren Chaudhary, CEO  Panera Bread   

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