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"I serve on the board and the experience with your improv was one of the best moments in my year". 

 -  Hank Talmadge, Ronald McDonald House.

Team Building

Paul is walking between business professionals seated at tables and giving a speech
Paul joking in a Taxi game with folks from Ingersoll Rand and them laughing

Top business skills include honesty, integrity, accountability, and hard work. But to really excel in the 21st century you must include enthusiasm and humor to be a truly effective and motivational leader/team player.


Beta Test improv teaches folks how to use the right side of the brain to achieve their goals. They develop self-deprecating humor, an ability to think outside the box to problem solve, and learn to create a work environment that nurtures teamwork and enhances productivity and the bottom line.


Once the business improv exercises have been practiced for a few weeks, the temporary neural connections become stronger and more permanent, making skills such as quick thinking, humor, and empathy much easier to utilize.


Our goal is to make the next water cooler conversation more about bonding as a group, thinking as a team member, and incorporating the philosophy that not only is the sum greater than its parts, it can be a lot more fun too.


➔ Learn to nurture the right side of the brain to help with creativity

➔ Develop a new skill set to improve quick thinking skills

➔ Improve public speaking skills and self-confidence with exercises that have been taught at Stanford University

➔ Enhance active listening skills through observation and interaction

➔ Leave the workshop with a list of exercises to practice at your leisure to help strengthen right brain thinking

2 hour, 3 hour, and 4 hour workshops available

No matter which option you choose, Beta Test improv comes to your place of business (or off-site venue) to facilitate the interactive speech/workshop.


Please call or email for a detailed pricing quote.

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