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Paul Marks

Founder & Speaker

O: 704-618-4203

Paul has taken classes at Second City and Improv Olympics (i/o) in Chicago from the very best instructors (some of whom have been finalists for Saturday Night Live) including Rachel Mason, Susan Messing, and Tara DeFrancisco.  


He also spent several years researching and studying corporate culture, team building, and presentation skills to see if there was a synergistic relationship between his improv philosophy and the business world. Confident of the connection, in early 2012, Paul opened the Over The Counter improv Business Division (Now called Beta Test improv) to teach the benefits of improvisation and right brain thinking. Within seven months, Paul was featured in an article for the Charlotte Observer regarding the benefits of improv in the corporate world; and in 2013, he was selected as the Keynote speaker on leadership in New Orleans for 700 college students.


Paul's unique style of laughter, leadership, and right-brain thinking has led companies such as Daimler Trucks, Wells Fargo, Ingersoll Rand, Duke Energy, Bank of America, Red Ventures and many others to use his training workshops.  As a top executive said at University Eye Associates, “Paul’s workshop had more laughter than at any function in our 35 year history.”

And here's an oddity, Paul owns a private SAT/ACT prep business and teaches the college entrance exam by day!!

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Poster from one of Paul's speeches