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Paul Marks
Founder of Charlotte based Beta Test improv

In 2009, Paul had a unique idea regarding leadership development and team building.  What if business workshops were conducted in a fun way that nurtured the right side of the brain to help with quick thinking skills, active listening, humor, confidence and empathy.  He spent several years researching the nuances of the brain and the corporate culture to see if there was a purposeful relationship between his philosophy and the business world.


Confident of the connection, in early 2012, Paul opened BETA TEST to teach the benefits of right brain thinking to companies, colleges, and nonprofits. Within seven months, Paul was featured in an article for the Charlotte Observer and 4 companies took a chance on this unique workshop.  By 2018, Paul was giving more than 90 speeches across the country annually to companies such as Amazon, Wells Fargo, Ingersoll Rand, Duke University, Bank of America, and Panera Bread.  And in 2019, Paul gave his first TEDx talk on this significant shift in 21st century training.

Paul also owns a private SAT/ACT prep business and teaches the college entrance exam.

Read the Charlotte Observer article on Paul Marks

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