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Hi Hope you and Mike are doing well! 

I just saw on FB that you are looking for a keynote for a company of about 350-400 participants. You HAVE to speak with Paul Marks from Charlotte, NC. He is INCREDIBLE! He handles groups from very small to ever thousand. He is awesome

We have used him for the last 5 years at SC HOBY! He delivers our opening session, several sessions during the weekend, and most of all speaks at our Closing Session on Sunday, to 500+ individuals.


He founded and is the President of Over The Counter IMPROV. Along with providing Keynotes, he provides Team Building, Leadership Development, and Presentation Skills throughout the United States. His client lists includes Fortune 500 companies, as well as an exhaustive list of companies that he does annual training for.

The MOST AMAZING THINGS about Paul and his sessions to us are:

1. Paul capitalizes on the RIGHT SIDE of the human brain to literally "overhaul and retrain" companies how to be better leaders, increase productivity, communication, effectiveness, team synergism, etc.

2. Paul shows supporting metrics/evidence proving the influence of the right-side of the brain, and thus uses humor and ImPROV very effectively in his sessions.

3. The audience actually becomes a "life-size laboratory" where his exercises and examples prove time and time again that his theories are true and VERY EFFECTIVE. 

4. Paul provides one of the most motivational, interactive, educational, and applicable sessions we have ever had in a HOBY South Carolina Closing Session of 500+.

5. The audience is guaranteed to be rolling in laughter and totally involved, as they participate in exercises where Paul literally allows them to experience, first-hand, a whole new world of applications and approaches to corporate leadership development, problem solving, motivational thinking, team building, presentation skills, communication skills, etc.

6. The auduence leaves motivated to a performance/ability level they have never seen or experienced before! They depart with a whole new set of skills/applications to use on the job, with their families, and in any area of their lives. 

7. Paul builds his presentation(s) in a very customized application all the way from his dress, to the final words he leaves in their minds, and everything in between. I assure you, he does not have "cookie cutter" presentations. They are customized, formed, and cut out for the immediate application. I think that is why he is so effective!

Hands-down...if his schedule allows it, you should book him. I will send you his contact information as well.

You can find out more about him and his lovely family on the web at

Call or text if you want more information or have more questions!

Unedited text Testimonial from Donna Dilanni, Co-Corporate Board President, at Hugh O'Brien's Youth Leadership Organization to Ashley Duchesneau, an executive at Nissan Corporation.   8/2/17

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